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Tops Instruments Supplies Co. 

Established in 2015, Tops Instruments Supplies Co. has been providing the highest quality range of test- ing instruments to a wide spectrum of Hong Kong and Macau industries.

Tops Instruments Supplies Co. sources products from leading manufacturers situated across the globe, helping us to grow into one of Hong Kong’s leading testing instruments and accessories companies.

This has allowed us to faithfully service the full requirements of our clientele for the past years. Through our international and local suppliers Tops Instruments has been able to continually grow and improve its products offering to the market.



Today Tops Instruments Supplies Co’s highly experienced sales forces are continuously driven to provide comprehensive support and product availability to our customers.

Tops Instruments Supplies Co’s aim is to provide its customers with the highest level of service and ex- pertise at all times.

At Tops Instruments Supplies Co, you can... 

Get all testing instruments and accessories from a one-shop supplier with over thousand of products in stock.

Find what you need quickly via our website and technical support Be assured of competitive price without having to shop around


Get fast and reliable after sale service.

852-2382 8388

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