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 Air Flow Meter 



Wind Pro 風速監測儀,全自動遠端連線,風速計及數據接收器自動連結,實現真正無線儀器設備。

An airflow meter measures air velocity as well as air pressure. Depending on the type of application, the airflow meter is made as a hot-wire airflow meter, a vane airflow meter, a cup anemometer, a Pitot tube air flow meter or a pocket weather flow meter, all of which can measure air velocity as well as air pressure. Some can even detect the wind direction. The most common unit of measurement for air flow is m/s.

Airflow meters are basically mass flow meters, as they determine the air velocity and air pressure by measuring the mass flow of a medium, which is air in this case.

The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in the airflow meter's memory, depending on the model. There are a lot of airflow meters available. The air flow meter is ideal for taking quick or constant measurements including monitoring of ventilation installations, process checking, industrial applications, use in private workshops or by nautical enthusiasts or for other hobbies, etc.

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