We offer a wide range of products and provide efficient and cost effective cleaning solutions to different industries. Today, DEN-SIN has strong global presence having served thousands of customers around the world.

Headquartered in Singapore, DEN-SIN has dedicated teams of Sales, Technical, Service and Customer Support ready to provide the best service and fastest delivery standard in the industry to all our customers.

At DEN-SIN, we are committed to your operational success.

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不論清洗還是強力清潔 DEN-SIN 高壓清洗機都是適用於各種清潔任務的完美解決方案,頃刻間能讓布滿灰塵環境變得一塵不染。回饋您增值的環境:老舊變新顏,破敗變時尚。做到這一點,我們依靠的是迸發靈感的設計、最高品質的要求和數十年來開發創新型高壓清洗機的深厚積澱。

Cargo Ship at the Port



Excavator Tractor

Heavy Duty Cleaning


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Vehicle Cleaning


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