FWS-20 擁有不同的氣象資訊及警報功能。 適合安裝於戶外地方,數據經內置無線發送到接收裝置,透過發光顯示器直讀數據,連接距離最遠可達 100米,提供最快最便捷的監測。


The FWS 20 Air Humidity Meter is a multi-functional wireless digital device that will exceed your expectations. This manufacturer-calibrated meteorological instrument accurately measures temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. Featuring a free-standing or wall-mountable touchscreen LED display with backlight, the PCE-FWS 20 makes a fantastic gift.

Furthermore, the FWS 20 Air Humidity Meter has different alarm functions for the available parameters. The meteorological data is sent by radio to the base unit from a distance up to 328 feet (100 meters). The included USB cable and CD-ROM allow the data to be uploaded to a PC for more detailed analysis. Much of the data can be date and time stamped to ensure it is analyzed effectively long after its collection. The included Windows-based software can present the data in graphs and diagrams illustrating different meteorological measurements over prolonged periods of time

Air Humidity Meter FWS 20-1 |無線天氣監測站

HK$4,400.00 一般價格
  • Indoor

    Measurement ranges

    Operating temperature: 0 ... +60 °C (32 … +140 °F)

    Humidity: 1 ... 99 %

    Atmospheric pressure: 919 ... 1,080 hPa


    Air temperature: 0.1 °C

    Humidity: 1 %

    Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 / 1.5 hPa

    Radio control data update

    48 seconds

    Alarm duration

    120 seconds


    Measurement range

    Operating temperature: -40 ... +65 °C (-40 … +149 °F)

    Humidity: 1 ... 99 %

    Rain fall: 0 ... 9,999 mm (0 … 394 inches)

    Wind speed: 0 ... 180 km/h (0 … 112 mph)

    Indication of the wind direction


    Air temperature: 0.1 °C

    Humidity: 1 %

    Rainfall: 0.1mm (volume< 1,000mm) / 1mm (volume >1,000mm)

    Radio transmission data updated

    48 seconds

    Radio transmission range

    up to 100m in the open air (328 feet)



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