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The PCE-AC 3000 Air Quality Meter is an exceptional  device that measures and checks air quality, and at the same time, the content of carbon dioxide in houses, companies, public buildings and other public places. The Air Quality Meter comes with an adjustable alarm with an acoustic and optical signal, maximum and minimum values and value register for 24 hours. A high concentration of carbon dioxide can happen when there are some people inside a building and there is not a good air ventilation. Thanks to its  integrated RJ-45, the Air Quality Meter can also control a fan. Carbon dioxide reduces welfare (fatigue, headache, etc..) and so it also reduces the individual performance. A person's welfare is reduced from a concentration of more than 800 ppm.

Air Quality Meter AC 3000

  • Measurement range for CO2 0 ... 3000 ppm CO2
    Accuracy ±5 % of reading or ±50 ppm
    Resolution 1 ppm (0-1000 ppm)
    5 ppm (1000-2000 ppm)
    10 ppm (2000-3000 ppm)
    Temperature -20 ... +50 ºC
    Accuracy ±1 % o ±1 ºC
    Resolution 0,1 ºC
    Display LCD of 7 segments (in 2 lines)
    Memory 48 values
    Power 4 x 1,5 V batteries
    230 V/AC adapter
    Dimensions 165 x 80 x 23 mm
    Weight 600 g
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