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This air velocity meter has a good relation between price and quality and it combines accuracy and versatility with the ability to transfer data directly to a computer. This air velocity meter forms a part of a professional's basic equipment to regulate and test ventilation systems. All the test instruments come manufacturer calibrated. ISO certification can be made as an option.

Air Velocity Meter 009

  • Technical specifications
    Measurement range with corresponding unit:
        - m/s
        - °C
    Calculation of volume of air current:
        - m³/min (CCM)
     0.2 to 20.0
     0.0 to 50.0 (sensor)
     0 to 36,000
        - Air velocity
        - Air temperature
        - Volume of air current (CCM)
     0.1m/s (for remaining units, up to ft/min = 1.0)
     0.001 to 1m³/min (depending on reading)
        - Air velocity
        - Air temperature    
        - Volume of air current (CCM)
     ±1% (of measurement range) or ±5%
     of the corresponding value
    calculated value
    Measuring quote From 2 sec. to 9 hours
    Internal memory 16.000 values
    Thermal sensor  - telescopic thermistor  / 
       hot wire sensor
     - contracted length 280mm
     - extended length 940mm
     - maximum diameter 12mm
     - minimum diameter 8mm (at the leading end)
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