The portable, handheld hygrometer / thermometer / anemometer XA1000 is specifically designed to meet the highest standards of temperature, humidity and air flow measurement. Ideal for use in for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, the XA1000 meter automatically detects every connected sensor. The brilliant color display reacts to touch; alternatively, the control cross located under the display can be used to access the functions. 

Anemometer XA1000

  • Integrated air pressure sensor
    Measuring range (full accuracy) 800 ... 1100 mbar
    Accuracy at 25 ° C / 77 °F, 1013.25 mbar 0.5 mbar
    Long-term stability Typ. -1 mbar / year
    Measurement resolution 0.024 mbar
    Measuring principle Piezoresistive
    Display properties / control Touch screen, capacitive
    Technology TFT, resolution 240 x 320 pixels, 65k colors
    Surface, hardened glass Hardness 7, scratch resistant
    Resolution of measured values 2 decimal places
    Interface USB
    Integrated data storage Up to 200 measuring blocks / approx. 1 million measured values
    Power supply / voltage supply 4 Alkaline LR6 AA 1.5 V / USB 5 V
    Power consumption active Approx. 400 mW
    Battery life passive About 1 year
    Battery life active At least 24 h
    Sensor supply 5.5 V ± 10% DC, max. 200 mA
    Operating conditions
    Permissible rel. moisture <90% rh (20 g / m³), non-condensing
    Permitted height above sea level 4000 m
    Storage conditions
    Permissible ambient temperature -20 ... + 60 ° C / -4 ... 140 °F
    Allowed rel. moisture <90% rh, non-condensing

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