The LED Automotive Tester PCE-LES 200 is one of the most powerful in its class with up to 300,000 flashes per minute. The quartz driver of the LED Automotive Tester provides very accurate flashes. The light intensity of this LED handheld stroboscope is far superior to other LED Automotive Tester models. This LED Automotive Tester has succeeded in achieving the goals of "maximum light performance and "surface of uniform illumination". This has been achieved thanks to powerful LEDs last generation and smart electronic control. The LED Automotive Tester is a versatile instrument for visualisation of very fast movements. The LED Automotive Tester is an indispensable tool for monitoring and inspection of facilities, such as the printing industry or textile industry. The LED handheld stroboscope allows non-contact speed measurement: If the frequency of the flash of the LED Automotive Tester is equivalent to the frequency of movement, the illusion is that the object is stationary. Measurements can be read on the screen of the LED handheld stroboscope. Also, the LED Automotive Tester meets the requirements of protection class IP65 (protected against water and dust) and therefore it can be used in adverse environmental conditions.

Automotive Tester LES 200

  • Frequency range 30 ... 300,000 rpm
    Display several lines, LCD
    Accuracy 0.02% (±1 digit)
    Resolution ±0.1 (30 ... 999 r.p.m)
    ±1 (1000 ... 300,000 r.p.m)
    Norms EC
    Protection IP65
    Flash technical specifications
    Flash duration adjustable
    Flash intensity 1500 Lux @ 6000 r.p.m / 20 cm
    Flash colour approx. 6.500 K
    Power supply
    Power supply 3 x AA batteries or NiMH (AA) accumulator
    Operating time NiMH accumulator : approx. 11 h = @ 6.000 r.p.m.
    According to setting Batteries: approx. 5 h = @ 6000 r.p.m
    Material Aluminium housing / shock excellent protection
    Dimensions 191 x 82 x 60 mm
    Weight approx. 400 g (batteries included)
    Environmental conditions
    Temperature 0 ... 45 ºC
    Humidity IP65
    Trigger input
    Principle potential free
    Low level < 1 V
    Level 3 ... 32 V
    Minimum impulse length 50 µs
    Inverted polarity protection yes
    Trigger output
    Principle resistance transistor output against short circuits and overvoltage
    Level NPN, 32 V max.
    Impulse length adjustable
    Maximum power 50 mA
    Inverted polarity protection yes

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