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Probe Options - 2.8mm,4mm,6mm,7.5mm


  1. The industry's top 2.8mm diameter endoscope products.

  2. 4.5inch 1280*720p Detachable screen.

  3. 4-Way 360°Rotation Articulating Borescope,the complex space can be observed completely without dead angle.

  4. Built-in WiFi hotspot.Can be connected to mobile phones for remote real-time video transmission

  5. 1m(3.3 ft) stainless steel wear-resistant braided tube for hard-to-reach and invisible areas.

  6. Ergonomic handle, more convenient, efficient work, easy to control all the keys with one hand.

  7. IP67 waterproof,it can be used normally even if it is immersed in water for a short time.


Borescope DA-28 / DA-40 / DA-60

  • DA 28 Tech Specs
    OD 2.8mm
    Pixel Dots 160,000
    Field of view 120"
    Depth of Field 5mm-infin
    Double Check Direction Front View
    Rigid Portion 5mm
    Bending Angle 360"
    Length 1.2m
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