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Borescope with 2-way optical / 3.5" LCD / 3600 mAh battery / Cable length 1.5 m / Diameter 4.5 mm / bright LEDs on the camera head / internal flash memory and SD card slot / detachable display

In theborescope PCE-VE 650 is a 2-way camera. Theborescopehas a camera head that can be rotated 180 °. The operation of the movement is controlled simply by the handle on theborescope. Thus theborescopeoffers the possibility of reaching and visualizing even the most difficult and dark places.


The two LEDs on the camera head of theborescopeallow a bright illumination of the area under observation. Specific applications of theborescopeare found in machine diagnostics, and in quality assurance in various businesses. The detachable and compact display offers the possibilityof connecting it to a computer. Thus, it is not necessary to take the entire borescopeto the workplace. Furthermore,in addition to the flash memory, theborescopeprovidesthe option of savingthe photostoan SD card. It is recommended that an SD card with a maximum size of 16 GB is used.

Borescope VE 650

  • Cable length 1.5 m
    Diameter 4.5 mm
    Display 3.5" LCD
    Display resolution 960 x 240
    Image and video resolution 720 x 576, 720 x 480
    Dimensions 100 x 89 x 28 mm
    Plug connection 5 poles
    Rotation range 180 ° (respectively90 ° in two directions)
    Memory SD card
    Capacity SD card max. 32 GB
    Interface USB 2.0
    AV output jack 3-pole, diameter 4.5 mm
    Battery capacity 3600 mAh
    Video signal input NTSC / PAL
    Output voltage DC5V
    Operating conditions -10 ... +40 °C, rel. humidity < 75 %
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