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The uplift pressure meter is used for monitoring uplift pressure of water in the foundation of dams and concrete structures and the stability of foundations of embankments in dams, tunnels and other underground works. It provides significant quantitative data on the magnitude and distribution of uplift pressure of water and its variations with time. It also provides the pattern of seepage, zones of potential piping and the effectiveness of seepage control measures undertaken.


  1. Reliable, accurate, economical and simple to read.
  2. Protected against lightning spikes.
  3. Easy installation in standpipes, pressure vessels. Ideal for underground work.
  4. Hermetically sealed under a vacuum of 0.001 Torr. Stainless steel construction.
  5. Thermistor provided for temperature measurement
  6. Transmission of signal as a frequency over long wire lengths. 
  7. Bourdon gage option available

Bourdon Gage EPU-20G

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