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EPP-10 porous tube piezometer consists of a porous carborundum or allundum (casagrande) tip covered with geotextile cloth, PVC standpipe, suitable adaptors and an end cap.


  1. Reliable, accurate and simple to read, with audio and visual signals.
  2. Proven technology.
  3. Can be installed after the construction of the dam is completed by drilling a proper bore hole at the desired location to the original depth.
  4. Monitoring is not limited to depth of water being within 5 meter from the observation station as in the case of twin tube piezometers.
  5. Stand pipe of durable heavy duty PVC construction.
  6. Flat cable used in water level sounder is high tensile, virtually non-expandable, water proof and corrosion resistant.
  7. The water level sounder is portable, light weight and easy to carry.
  8. Low cost, rugged and easy to install.
  9. Tape locking arrangement provided.

Casagrande Piezometer EPP-10

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