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The cGas Detector is a digital, one or two channel gas detection transmitter that offers greater flexibility at a lower cost with customized sensor combinations and specialized options for adding only the functionality you need. It is ideal for monitoring toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases in commercial and light industrial, non-hazardous (non-explosion rated) environments.

Output is user selectable in the field with your choice of BACnet® or Modbus® for communicating with a Controller or a Building Automation System. Pre-calibrated sensors with true Plug & Play Smart Sensor technology makes replacing sensors quick and easy.



  • 1 or 2 internal gas channel configurations
  • User in the field configurable BACnet® MS/TP RS-485 or Modbus® RTU RS-485 digital output signal with a BAS
  • Easy Plug & Play Smart Sensor replacement at end of life, comes pre-calibrated
  • Bright LCD display
  • USB port for configuration changes and firmware upgrades
  • Optional RH & Temperature sensor on select models (Option -RHT)
  • Optional low temperature operation package (Option -LT)
  • Optional factory installed splash guard (Option -S or Option -SN)
  • Standard black, ABS/polycarbonate, water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof)
  • Sensor Calibrating Extending Firmware (CEF) for enclosed parking applications
  • RoHS compliant circuit boards


cGas Detector Digital Transmitter

  • Target Gas


    Electrochemical Sensors

    Ammonia (NH3), Carbon monoxide (CO), Chlorine (Cl2), Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), Ethylene (C2H4), Ethylene oxide (C2H4O), Fluorine (F2), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Hydrogen (H2), Hydrogen chloride (HCl), Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen fluoride (HF), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Nitric oxide (NO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Oxygen (O2), Ozone (O3), Phosphine (PH3), Silane (SiH4), Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

    Solid State Sensors

    Refrigerants R22, R134A, R402A, R404A, R407C, R410A, R422D, R438A, R438A, R507A, TVOCs

    Infrared Sensor

    Carbon dioxide (CO2)

    Target Gas


    Catalytic Sensors

    Hydrogen (H2), Methane (CH4), Propane (C3H8)

    PID Sensors





    Black ABS / Polycarbonate, corrosion resistant


    Copper coated interior to reduce RF interference


    IP54 rated with standard splash guard installed (Option -S)


    400 g / 14 oz


    127 x 127 x 76 mm / 5.0 x 5.0 x 3.0 inches

    User Interface


    Display (standard)

    2-line by 16 character LCD, black on green

    Operating Temp: 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F

    Display (Option -LT)

    2-line by 16 character OLED display for cold environment applications down to -40°C / -40°F, yellow on black

    Push Buttons

    Initiate calibration and menu options with internal UP, DOWN and ENTER push buttons

    USB Port


    Internal port for USB memory stick for field firmware / configuration upgrades




    User configurable in the field, BACnet® MS/TP (version 1 rev 14) RS-485 or Modbus® RTU (version 1.1b3) RS-485

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