The CT 25 coating thickness gauge is used for quickly detecting the thickness of metals, such as steel and iron (F) as well as non-ferrous metals (N) in the automotive sector. The CT 25 coating thickness gauge is used to detect damages in cars (the coating thickness of paint can say if the car has suffered any damage) to establish if the car has been in an accident and the resulting value of the car in the used car market. The CT 25 coating thickness gauge is very easy to use: simply turn on the device, place the sensor on top of the surface that is to be measured and read the measurement value on the LCD display.  The CT 25 coating thickness gauge will help you to discover if the car has been damage or if it has been painted again. This clarifies, at the time of purchase a car, if the price of the car should be adjusted, to ensure that a fair price can be negotiated and the true condition of the car is known. Here you will find another coating thickness gauge with an external sensor.

Coating Thickness Gauge CT 25 油漆測厚儀

  • Measurement range 0 ... 1000 µm 
    0 ... 40 mils
    Resolution 0,1 mils / 1 µm
    Accuracy ±4 digits from 0 ... 7,8 mils
    ±7 digits from 0 to 199 µm 
    ±3 % + 4 digits from 7,9 ... 40 mils /
    200 to 1000 µm
    Display 3 1/2 digits LCD display
    Operating conditions 0 ... +50 °C
    Power 1 x 9 V battery
    Dimensions 148 x 105 x 42 mm
    Weight 157 g (with battery)
    1 mils = 1 / 1000 inch = 0,0254 mm = 25,4 µm

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