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Top Instruments Coating Thickness Meter PT-FN S Series-S Series
Two types available with external sensor Basic/PTN-FN-S1 (coat thickness meter to measure on steel and iron and NE-metals (F/N types)
Memory/PT-FN S Series-S3 (like coat thickness meter S1 but with large memory and Bluetooth)

The Coating Thickness Meter PT-FN S Series is a mobile device for fast and precise measurements of coloured coats. This coating thickness meter is able to measure varnish colour and galvanic coats on iron steel as well as varnish colour and eloxal on NE metals as well as on antistatic steel. The coating thickness meter is also suitable for local measurements as well as for laboratory tests and incoming inspections. Several measuring probes can be connected without any problems. The user receives clear and easy legible, instructions via the display of the coating thickness meter in different languages (German, English, Croatian etc...). Faults of measurements are therefore, practically out of the question. The special construction ensures gentle measurement even when the objects are highly coated or really soft. Surfaces won't get scratched or damaged through the low and really constant pressure on the object

Coating Thickness Gauge PT-FN-S3 (Memory)

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