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CSM 6 Introduction video


供不同產品製造商,印刷商,設計及質量控制人員使用。透過色度計可確保產品呈現一致性色彩,消除色差的相關問題。 根據不同型號,Tops 色彩分析儀產品可以測量 CIE LAB,XYZ,LCh,RGB和LUV等空間色域。

我們的色彩儀的系列中,最受歡迎的色度計型號是CSM系列色度計。 除了易於使用和及價格相宜外,CSM系列色度計還具有高精度表現。


The colorimeter CSM 6 was developed for quality control and offers a high accuracy. When using the colorimeter, you can choose between different colour spaces (CIE L*a*b, CIE L*a*b*C*h). After a measurement with the colorimeter, the reading can be used as a reference value while other readings can be recorded as a sample and later be compared to the reference value easily. 

In addition to the individual colour space coordinates, the deviation between the reading is also displayed. When using the colorimeter, it is possible to store up to 100 reference values and up to 20000 samples on the device. The measured data can also be transferred to a PC via the USB interface. A special PC software is included in the package.

Colorimeter CSM 6

  • Measuring geometry 8°/d
    Measuring aperture Ø 8 mm
    Sensor Silicon photoelectric diode
    Colour spaces CIE L*a*b*C*h, CIE L*a*b*
    Colour difference formular ΔE*ab, ΔL*a*b, ΔE*C*h
    Errors between each equipment ≤0.40 ΔE*ab
    Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.07
    Repeatability average of 30 measurements of standard white plate
    Light source D65
    Light source device LED blue light
    Storage 100 reference values, 20,000 samples
    Interface USB
    Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    3.7 V @ 3,200 mAh
    Charging time 8 h
    Battery life > 3,000 measurements
    Lamp life 5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements
    Operating conditions 0 ... +40 °C / 32 ... + 104°F
    0 ... 85 % RH
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