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The data logger HT 420 is used to monitor the temperature and humidity. The datalogger is equipped with a network interface. This makes the HT 420 data logger an ideal solution for objects in which the measurement data must be continuously recorded and monitored. The datalogger continuously stores the measured values ​​on its internal memory. This is read out via browser or FTP client. The web browser also makes all the settings on the datalogger. No additional software is needed. The architecture of the data logger allows up to 10 users to dial in to the datalogger at the same time. Different access levels prevent unauthorized users from making settings to the datalogger. 


In addition to storing the measured values, the HT 420 data logger can also alert the user to an alarm when the limit value is exceeded. Furthermore, various users can be notified of this alarm via email. 


The data logger HT 420 measures and calculates the following climatic variables:

- Temperature 
- Relative humidity 

- Dew point 

- Absolute humidity, ie amount of water vapor (in grams) per m³ of atmosphere at certain temperature 

- Cooling limit temperature

- Saturated vapor pressure, ie pressure, at which gas at the specified temperature in equilibrium with liquid (equilibrium between evaporation and condensation) 

- Enthalpy (energy content) 


The data logger is supplied via an external power supply unit or via Power over Ethernet. The built-in FTP server provides quick and easy access to archive files using an Internet browser or from the interface of another FTP client. The DHCP protocol allows you to automatically configure the datalogger on the computer network. Furthermore, the data logger supports the Modbus TCP / IP protocol, so that the PCE-HT 420 can also be integrated in machines. All these features make the HT 420 Datalogger an important instrument wherever indoor climate needs to be monitored.

- Temperature and humidity sensor 
- Ethernet interface 
- LCD display 
- Alarms via email 
- Audible warning sound
- 8 GB memory

Data Logger HT 420

  • Measuring range humidity 0 ... 95% rh (non-condensing)

    ± 3% between 10 ... 90%
    ± 5% in the other area

    Hysteresis ± 1% RH
    Measuring range temperature -20 ... 60°C / -4 ... 140°F
    Accuracy ± 0.6°C / 1.08°F in the range of 10 ... 40°C / 10 ... 104°F; ± 1.0°C / 1.8°F in the other area
    Calculated sizes Absolute humidity g / m³
    Dew point temperature °C / °F
    Storage Internal buffer ring buffer: 4 MB*
    Internal hard

    Disk 8 GB* The measurement data from the internal memory is automatically transferred to the permanent memory
    Interface Ethernet 10/100 Base / T
    Number of connections Max. 10 at the same time
    Logs DHCP
    Modbus TCP / IP
    Power supply DC
    Power supply 6V / 1 A PoE IEEE 802.3af
    Input <2VA
    Warm-up time 15 minutes
    Operating conditions -20 ... 60°C / 95% rh
    degree of protection IP20
    Assembly Rear mounting hole for wall mounting
    sensor down
    Weight 300 g / < 1 lb
    Dimensions 120 x 80 x 25 mm / 4.7 x 3.1 x 1 in
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