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Topinst-2000 (type D impact) portable durometer is used for quickly testing surface hardness of metalic materials according to the parameters: Rockwell B & C, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS and Leeb HL. The durometer has a statistics function, a data storage function, and the interface RS232 to send data to the PC (software and cables included in the shipment). The durometer can be used in any position, including on a mount, with angle selection and adjustment. The striking unit fits easily on top of the item being measured. With the external digital indicator showing all the functions and readings, there is no way of making errors in the measurements.


Topinst-2000 (D Type) 便攜式硬度計用於測試金屬材料的表面硬度:Rockwell B&C,Vickers HV,Brinell HB,Shore HS及Leeb HL。


Durometer Topinst-2000

  • Accuracy ±1.0% (for L=800, repeatability: ±6 L)
    Statistics automatic calculation of average value
    Interface RS-232
    Data memory 100 memory groups (values, date, ...)
    Software and cable included
    Striking instrument type D (external with 1.5m cable)
    Maximum hardness 976 HV
    Radius of the moving component (convexed / concaved) R min = 30mm (with 10mm component
    Minimum weight of the moving component 2kg in stable position / 0.05kg with coupling gel.
    Minimum space of the moving component 3mm with gel
    Minimum depth 0.8mm
    Display LCD
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