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DFG N 500 Dynamometer for tensile force measurement and pressure force measurement up to 500 N or 112 lbs / Very high accuracy / Sampling rate 1600 Hz / 6 different measuring tips / USB interface / Software


A digital force gauge for tensile and compressive force measurements up to 500 N is available with the DFG N 500. The DFG N 500 is a digital force meter for precise measurements with a resolution of 0.1 N. The measured values ​​are displayed on a large, illuminated, 180° rotatable display, a correct reading of the measured values ​​is thus guaranteed at all times. The outstanding accuracy of ± 0.1% FS is confirmed with the factory calibration certificate provided. In addition to the internal storage option of 100 measured values, a USB interface is available for data transmission. With the software, the measured values ​​can be saved on a computer for later evaluation. 


Due to its robust housing, a sensible menu navigation and the simple operation via 8 keys, the digital force meter DFG N 500 is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness. The power supply of the dynamometer via batteries, which can be charged via a included charger and allow a continuous operation of the device of 10 hours. With these characteristics, the digital force gauge is suitable for quality control in the production area, for incoming and outgoing inspection as well as for the development of new components or for testing safety-relevant components.

Dynamometer DFG N 500

  • Measuring range 0 ... 500 N or 0 ... 112 pounds
    Accuracy ± 0.1% of the measuring range
    Resolution 0.1 N
    Measurement units N, kg, lb, KPa
    Display 2.8" TFT graphic display
    Alarm Modes Inside, Outside, Crack, Shutdown
    Sampling rate 6 ... 1600 Hz
    Storage 100 measurements
    power supply NiMh battery 6V / 1600-mAh
    Battery life about 10 hours
    Charging adapter 12V / 1A
    Outputs Interface: USB
    Switching output: 12 V / 50-mA
    Protection class IP 54
    Operating and storage conditions -10 ... 50°C / 14 ... 122°F
    5 ... 95% rh non-condensing
    Force-receiving piece 6 x 7 mm / .2 x .3 in
    Dimensions 200 x 97 x 42 mm / 7.9 x 3.8 x 1.7 in
    Weight 540 g / 1.2 lbs
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