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Fluorescence Spectrometer incorporates Topinst’s years of experience in precious metal testing with its unique product configurations and fully functional software. Its ergonomically design and friendly software interfaces grant the users a simple measurement job.

Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Measurable elements: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, etc.
    Analysis accuracy: 0.05%(above 96%) 
    Analysis range: 1ppm-99.99% 
    Forms of samples: powder, solid and liquid 
    Working voltage: AC 110V/220V (AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is suggested) 
    Ability of simultaneous analysis: 24 elements 
    Energy Resolution: (155±5)eV 
    Measurement time: 60-200s
    Tube voltage: 5-50kV
    Tube current: 50 -1000μA
    Ambient temperature: 15℃-30℃
    Ambient humidity: 35%-70%
    Weight: 30KG
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