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Theelectromagnetic fieldmeter FM 10LS provides you with a field meter of the latest generation available. Theelectromagnetic fieldmeter convinces through powerful microcontroller technology, innovative technology, intuitive operation and compact dimensions. Depending on the probe used, theelectromagnetic field meter FM 10LS covers a frequency range of 10 Hz - 400 kHz. These values are displayed with a resolution of 1 nT or 0.1 V / m on the multifunctional display. In measuring intervals of 0.25 s, the high-contrast display of the electromagnetic field meter FM 10LS, simultaneously represents the electric and magnetic field strengths and also allows the separate display of the X, Y and Z axes shares of magnetic field strength. Other useful settings can be realized with the peak hold function to display short-term peak values, the threshold setting, which emits an acoustic warning before the exceeding of adjustable thresholds, or the auto-power-off function to conserve battery resources. For storage and documentation there is an integrated data logger with a memory capacity of 1 GB. The readings fromthe electromagnetic field meter FM 10LS data can be transferred to a PC via a USB interface. The included software FM-Data, which is constantly being optimized and can be updated free of charge at any time, allows clear and meaningful data management on a PC. Other optional measurements for magnetic and electric fields additionallyextend the application range of theelectromagnetic field meter FM10LS .

Electromagnetic Field Meter FM 10LS

  • Frequency range 10 Hz ... 400 kHz
    16 Hz Bandpass
    50 Hz Highpass
    2 kHz Highpass
    16.7 Hz
    50 Hz ... 400 kHz
    2 kHz ... 400 kHz
    Measuring ranges
    Alternating magnetic field
    Alternating electric field
    0 ... 20000 nT
    0 ... 2000.0 V/m
    with optional probe
    DC magnetic field
    DC electric field
    Body tension
    ± 99.99 μT
    ± 9999 V/m ± 499.9 kV/m
    0 ... 20.00 V
    ± 999.9 mV
    Alternating magnetic field
    Alternating electric field
    1 nT
    0.1 V/m
    with optional probe
    DC magnetic field
    DC electric field
    Body tension
    0.01 µT
    1 V/m 0.1 kV/m
    1 mV
    0.1 mV
    Accuracycombined probe FM 10 magnetically <5% at 50 Hz
    electrically <10% at 50 Hz
    Display LCD two lines, illuminated
    Display features X-, Y-, Z-component, peak hold, magnetostatics, body tension, electrostatics, DC
    Interface USB 2.0
    Voltage output fourfold 0 ... 2000 mVac (E, Bx, By, Bz)
    Power supply 2 x 1. 5 V AA batteries
    Dimensions 120 x 79 x 28 mm
    Working temperature 0 ... +40 °C
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