This precise force meter is designed to measure tensile and compressive forces and there are two different models purchasable. Depending on the measuring range, the force meter for tensile and compressive force is equipped with an internal or external dynamometric cell. The force meter for tensile and compressive force is a portable precise force meter, providing also the option to integrate it into test benches. For force measurement above 500 N the force meter for tensile and compressive force features an external dynamometric cell attached to a 3 m cable, which can be also mounted into a test bench. The force meter features two measuring speeds, 10 Hz and 40 Hz, that can be set. These allow very precise real-time records of tensile and compressive force. The force meter for tensile and compressive force provides the option to store manually or automatically the collected data in internal data storage on a Mini SD memory card or straight to a computer, in order to evaluate it later on. To evaluate the measurement of the tensile and compressive force, the force meter provides a statistical analysis on the handset. Therefore the relevant information such as number of measurements, total force, mean force, max., min. and individual value are illustrated in a histogram as well as a graph.

Force Gauge FB 1K

  • Force Meters with internal dynamometric cell Measuring range / resolution
     PCE-FB 50 50 N (5 kg) / 0.01 N (1 g)
    PCE-FB 200 200 N (20 kg)  /  0.05 N (5 g)
    PCE-FB 500 500 N (50 kg)  /  0.10 N (10 g) 
    Force Meters with external dynamometric cell Measuring range / resolution
    PCE-FB 1K 1,000 N (100 kg)  /  0.2 N ( 20 g)
    PCE-FB 2K 2,000 N (200 kg)  /  0.5 N ( 50 g)
    PCE-FB 10K 10,000 N (1,000 kg)  /  2 N (200 g)
    PCE-FB 50K 50,000 N (5,000 kg)  /  10 N ( 1 kg)
    PCE-FB 100K 100,000 N (10,000 kg)  /  20 N ( 2 kg)
    PCE-FB 150K 150,000 N (15,000 kg)  /  50 N ( 5 kg)
    Uncertainty in measurement ±0.1 % of measurement range
    Gravity zone manually adjustable or per GPS data
    Measurand N, g, lb, oz, kg, kgf, lbf, ozf
    Calibration with external F2 weights
    Max. overload +/- 20 % above measuring range
    Sampling rate 10 samples / sec. or 40 samples / sec.
    Measurement function Compressive and tensile force measurement / PEAK function (MIN- MAX Hold)/ threshold measurement/ real-time measurement with software
    Display Graphic- Display 61 x 34 mm / automatic Display adjustment / background lights
    Menu navigation multilingual: German, English, Spanish
    Data storage facilities internal storage and Mini SD memory card (Internal storage limited to a max. of 6,400 measurements)
    Data storage manually- by key press
    automatically- 0.025 s - 99.9 sec. (adjustable)
    Interface serial RS-232, 9-pole and USB
    Software incl. software to evaluate and control
    Surrounding conditions - 10 °C ... +40 °C
    Power Supply 4x Ni-MH 2700 mAh AA batteries (replaceable) or via Adapter ~230 V/12 V; 1.2 A incl. 
    auto OFF function option

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