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The FM 500N force gauge is a microprocessor controlled dynamometer with fast and accurate readout of tensile and compressive forces in N, Kg and lb. The display of the force gauge is easily readable by the large numbers. The force gauge is equipped with an internal load cell for tensile and compression tests. The load cell of the force gauge FM 500N is equipped with a M6 threaded head. Thus, the force gauge can also be screwed into other brackets, test facilities and test stands and. The force gauge is operated with an internal battery or the external power supply.


This force gauge also has a USB interface for data transmission. With the interface and the software of the force measuring devices, the data can be transmitted quickly and easily to a PC. With the help of the optionally available mounting plate, the load cell can be adapted to decaying test benches. These test stands are ideal for tensile and compressive force measurement in quality control and laboratory testing or product development.

- Differently shaped measuring adapter
- Downloadable evaluation software
- Device for mounting on test stands
- Peak measurement
- Power supply via charging adapter
- Delivery with extension rod
- Evaluation via USB interface
- Fast measured value display


Working conditions:

he device must not be near sources of vibration or corrosive substances

Force Gauge FM 500N | 推拉力計500N

  • Measuring range 0 ... 500 N / 0 ... 112 lbs
    Resolution 0.1 N / 0.02 lbs
    Pressure calibration 1 Mpa
    Load cell Integrated load cell with M6 connection
    Measuring range 1 ... 100% of the full scale
    Measurement accuracy ± 0.5%
    Units N, kg, lb
    Display LCD
    Power supply Internal battery, 12V / 1 A power adapter
    Operating temperature 10 ... 30°C / 50 ... 86°F
    Relative humidity 15 ... 80% relative humidity

    1 kg / 2.2 lbs

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