Durometer AL Shore A
Mechanical durometer for measuring the hardness of soft rubber and plastic

The AL Durometer is a standard model for measuring the hardness of rubber (Shore A). The Durometer is composed of a device with a pressure pin and a 360° anti-glare dial with an accuracy to within 0.5 hardness units. Meets standard ASTM D 2240. The Durometer comes calibrated and ISO certified. The device can be recalibrated at any time with an ISO calibration certificate included (at additional cost).
Optional accessories offered for the AL are a test position and a test control device to test the accuracy of the device on the job. You will always obtain the best results when measuring the hardness of rubber both in accuracy and repeatability especially when doing random testing for product control when combined with the test position.

Hardness Tester AL Shore A

  • Technical Specifications
    Force 1000 g
    Penetrating body 35°
    Standard ASTM D 2240
    Diameter of dial 57 mm
    Total length 166 mm
    Indication range 0 to 100
    Measurement range 10 to 90
    Margin of error ±0.5
    Division of scale 1
    Weight 193 g

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