Hardness Tester OO (Shore OO)  
mechanical durometer for measuring the hardness of soft elastic and textiles

The OO Hardness Tester is a standard device for measuring soft elastic and textiles (Shore OO). The Hardness Tester is composed of a measuring device with a sensor and 360° anti-glare dial with readings to within 0.5 hardness units. It meets the ASTM D 2240 standard. The Hardness Tester comes calibrated with an ISO calibration certificate included. The device can be recalibrated by a laboratory at anytime with an ISO certificate at an additional cost. As an optional component for the OO we offer a test position and test control equipment to check the accuracy of the Hardness Tester while on the job. You will always obtain accurate results with a high rate of repeatability when using this device either for random testing with the test position or for control tests. This link shows a general overview of our Hardness Testersfor a wide range of materials (metals, plastics, rubber, elastic, textiles).

Hardness Tester OO (Shore OO)

  • Technical specifications
    Force of pressure 400g
    Penetrating body 3 / 32"
    Standard ASTM D 2240
    Diameter of dial 57mm
    Total length 121mm
    Display range 0 to 100
    Measurement range 10 to 90
    Margin of error ±0.5
    Division of scale 1
    Pulling pin depending on the model ordered
    Weight 184g

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