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The high strength Schmidt hammer is used to test strength of high-rise buildings structure components, bridges, and concrete components( board, beam, column, crane span structure. It’s common modern building NDT inspection instrument.



The guiding rod is made of high quality imported material, with high accuracy and abrasion-proof. - Ultrasonic aluminum enclosure prolong the tooling life; - External spring structure is easy for friction adjusting and also can guarantee uniform friction force between needle pivot and slider, thus to assure the instrument accuracy.


High Strength Test HammerHT-450

  • Model HT-450
    Standard energy 4.5J
    Strike spring stroke 106mm
    Strike spring stiness 900N/m±40 N/m
    Net weight 3KG
    Size ф64 x 430mm
    Strength testing range  20-110MPa
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