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The contactlessHVAC Meter 777N measures the temperature of surfaces via infrared beamnon-destructively and from a distance. This light contactlessHVAC Meter is characterized by simple operation and the red sighting tool. So you can accurately measure the temperature of a particular area on a surface. The contactlessHVAC Meter is for industry and craft, maintenance and servicing, the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, automotive, and isuseful in the control of electrical equipment and control systems.

The contactlessHVAC Meter 777N can also be used under difficult conditions and provides you with measurement results. The backlight of the contactlessHVAC Meter is selectively turned on or off. The contactlessHVAC Meter has a visible sighting tool for precisecontactless pointingand quick temperature measurement from a safe distance of hot or moving objects or of difficult measuring points. The emission level is fixed for this contactlessHVAC Meter at 0.95 and covers about 90% of all temperature measuring tasks.

HVAC Meter 777N

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