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The HVAC refrigerant measuring device is ideal for all refrigeration system builders and technicians for the extraction of refrigerants. It can be used for refrigerants of classes A1, A2L, and A2. The compact HVAC refrigerant measuring device is easily transportable with a handle and simple to operate. The extraction speed can be adjusted using the rotary control. Additionally, the extraction device features a "Purge Function" that cleans the system, emptying any residual refrigerant in the device. The powerful oil-free 2-piston compressor can generate pressures of up to 38.5 bar and achieve extraction rates of up to 9.5 kg/min, depending on the refrigerant. 



  1. - Refrigerant classes A1, A2L, and A2
  2. - Pressure up to 38.5 bar with overpressure protection
  3. - Oil-free 2-piston compressor
  4. - Brushless 1 HP motor
  5. - Extraction rate of up to 9.5 kg/min (R410A)
  6. - Easy operation with a rotary control
  7. - Large LCD display with backlight
  8. - Automatic cleaning function

HVAC Meter RRU 10 Refrigerant Recovery Device for HVAC

  • Pressure  
    Measuring Range 0 bar ... 38.5 bar
    Resolution 0.1 bar
    Liquid Extraction Rate  
    R134a 2.6 kg/min
    R22 2.9 kg/min
    R410A 3.9 kg/min
    Push/Pull Extraction Rate  
    R134a 7.5 kg/min
    R22 8.5 kg/min
    R410A 9.5 kg/min
  • Units bar, MPa, kPa, psi, kgf
    Connection Type 1/4" SAE
    Display Type LCD with backlight
    Refrigerants R401C, R22, R401B, R134a, R407D, R509,
    R407B, R410A, R507, R407C, R408A, R12,
    R32, R409A, R402A, R500, R404A, R402B,
    R401A, R406A, R1234YF, R502, R407A
    Motor Power 1 HP
    Max. Current Consumption 6 A
    Compressor Oil-free, Air-cooled
    Menu Language English
    Protection Class IP20
    Power Supply Schuko Plug (110 V - 240 V AC | 50/60 Hz)
    Weight 10.75 kg
    Device Weight with Accessories 11.45 kg
    Device Weight with Accessories and Packaging 12.75 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 38 x 25 x 30 mm
    Operating Conditions 0 ... +40 °C, +10 ... +90 % r.F.
    Storage Conditions 0 ... +40 °C, +10 ... +90 % r.F.
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