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The Thermometer PCE-TD 60 with a measuring range of -40 … +85 °C and USB port allows the detection of temperatures in an adjustable interval. If you want to analyse the measurements which are stored in the internal memory, you have to connect theThermometer via USB port to your computer. The temperature is defined by internal sensors. On the integrated display you can see the current measurements. 32,000 measurements can be stored in the internal memory. The Thermometer is equipped with a durable lithium battery. The Measuring interval is adjustable from 1 second to 6 hours, which allows a data acquisition according to a definable schedule. The Thermometer can be operated in off- and online mode. If the measuring range is exceeded you can hear the programmable optical alarm sound. With the USB interface, a direct real-time data acquisition to the computer is possible.

HVAC Meter TD 60

  • Measurement range -40 ... +85 °C
    Accuracy ±0.6 °C (-20 ... +50 °C), otherwise ±1.2 °C
    Interval 1 sec ... 6 h 
    Memory Up to 32,000 measurements
    Operating temperature 0 ... +50 °C, <80% r.H.
    Power supply 1/2 AA lithium battery
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