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The lumitester PD-30 is an easy to use measuring instrument, with the help of which up to 2000 measurements can be taken and stored. The measurement data can be saved from Lumitester and at the end further processed on the measurement. The device is used for hygiene monitoring in pharmaceutical and medical spheres, catering, wholesale, etc. 

The lumitester PD-30 used together with the LuciPac Pen, provides a rapid detection of food and microbiological residues on all product contact surfaces as effective testing of cleaning and disinfection measures. A quantitative determination of the intra- and extracellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and adenosine monophosphate (AMP) is performed in the portable lumitester PD-30. The system of the instrument measures not only the amount of the present ATP, but due to the reaction integrated AMP-system is also able to detect much more stable AMP. In such a way the sensitivity of the measurements taken by the lumitester is substantially increased, particularly in production areas, where highly processed foodstuffs are processed further. The lumitester for ATP and AMP is the most innovative device available. ATP and AMP are the molecules present in the cells of all living beings – no matter either it goes about animals, plants, mold, yeast or bacteria.

Hygiene PD-30

  • Detection method Analog integration via photodiodes
    Data output RLU (Relative Light Unit)
    Detection reagent special disposable product
    Background disturbance max. 10 RLU
    Measured width 0 ... 999999 RLU
    Measuring time 10 seconds
    Measuring Mode 1 ... 999
    Temperature compensation +10 ... +40 ° C
    Display LCD
    Clock internally (date and time)
    Interface USB
    Number of individual data 2000
    Self-diagnosis Autom. Cleanliness test before each use
    Environmental conditions +5 ... +40 ° C, 20... 80 % RH
    Storage conditions -10 ... +50 ° C, 20... 90 % RH
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