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ICP-2000 Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometers can detect approximately 70 trace to constant elements in different materials. They are widely used in scientific research Institutes, colleges, and other industry enterprises related to the fields such as geology, metallurgy, rare earth materials, electro-plating, cement, petroleum, chemical engineering, environmental detection, non-ferrous metals, medical science, food and agriculture.


  • Circuit type: inductively feedback self-oscillation circuit, coaxial cable transmission, matched tuning, power feedback close-loop auto-control
    Working frequency: 40MHz±0.05% 
    Frequency stability: <0.1%
    Power output: 800W-1200W
    Power output stability: <0.3%
    Intensity of electromagnetic leakage: electric filed intensity in 30cm distance to the body: E:<2V/m
    High Frequency Box
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