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Encardio-rite model EAN-26M is one of the most advanced MEMS digital inclinometer system being produced anywhere in the world. It utilizes the capability of high computational power and large high resolution colour display of today’s Android OS based mobile phones as a readout and data storage unit.



  • Advanced, light weight, shock resistant digital MEMS bi-axial inclinometer system.

  • Uses easily available Android OS based GSM/GPRS capable mobile phones as hand held readout unit.

  • Phone provides high resolution vivid colour display of read- ings and graphs.

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection eliminates cable between rotating reel and mobile phone readout.

  • Mobile phone memory capacity allows local storage of more than 1 million data points.

  • Data can be compared instantly after logging with previously logged data using different graph types.

  • Data can be sent instantly to central server over GSM/GPRS connection.

Inclinometer EAN-26M | 傾斜儀

  • Probe specification


    Measuring range

    ± 30° of vertical

    Resolution (mm option)

    ± 0.008 mm/500 mm


    Resolution (Imperial option)

    ± 0.004”/24”

    Distance between wheels

    500 mm metric (standard)

    2’ Imperial (on request)

    Operating temperature

    -20°C to 70°C

    Probe dimensions

    Overall 25.5 mm dia (excluding wheel arm) x 685 mm length

    Probe weight

    1.4 kg

    Probe casing

    AISI 316L Stainless steel

    Total system accuracy1

    ± 2 mm/30 m (readings at every 500 mm)

    Cable specification



    2 core polyurethane sheathed


    6 mm


    1.9 kg/50 m (including ferrules)

    Cable reel specifications


    Upto 100 m cable reel

    300 mm diameter (flange)

    100 - 200 m cable reel

    380 mm diameter (flange)

    or 50 m cable length

    4.5 kg weight

    or 150 m cable length

    9.5 kg weight

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