ITF 10 is a portable handheld infrared thermometer gun or laser pyrometer that uses an infrared (IR) sensor to measure temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) without contact. This non-contact IR temperature meter can be used to detect leaks in walls, ducts, ventilation systems and more.

The infrared thermometer features visual and audible alarms. The visual alarm is a colored light that can be green, blue or red. The light illuminates when the temperature is outside the specified limits. The audible alarm sound increases as the temperature approaches the set limit.

The infrared thermometer offers a wide measuring range from -30 ... 380°C / -58 ... 716°F. The thermometer's display can be tilted up to approximately 90° to allow easy viewing from different angles.

- Display tilts up to approximately 90° for easy viewing from different angles
- User-friendly front trigger and three-button control interface
- Ergonomic design for comfortable one-handed operation
- Dual lasers for precise sighting of targets
- Visual and audible alarms

Infrared Thermometer ITF 10

  • Measuring range -50 ... 380°C / -58 ... 716°F
    Accuracy ± 3%: -50 ... 20°C / -58 ... 68°F
    ± 1% / ±1°C / 1.8°F: 20 ... 380°C / 68 ... 716°F
    Resolution 0.1°
    Measuring units Degrees Celsius (°C) or degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
    Response time < 500 μs
    Emissity Fixed at 0.95 
    Spectal range 8 ... 14 μm
    Optical resolution 20:1

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