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The optical distance sensor ODSL 30 covers a vast application range. For example the optical distance sensor allows positioning transfer cars, cranes, lifting facilities. Even a measurement of the volume can be performed by measuring in two dimensions with simultaneously moving the object can be performed by means of the optical distance sensor ODSL 30 series.


There are different editions of the optical distance sensor purchasable. Amongst others with analogue-, digital- and switching outputs. The distance, that the optical distance sensor is able to capture lay between 20 and 30,000 mm.


To control the optical distance sensor it is equipped with a double-space LC display and a plastic foil keypad. During processing the optical distance sensor always shows the current values. All purchasable editions the shiftpoint of the switch-outputs can be programmed on the optical distance sensor easily through a teach-output.

Laser Distance Meter 雷射測距儀 ODSL 30/D232-30M-S12

  • Outputs 2 x PNP / NPN / RS232
    Measurement range  200 ... 65,000 mm
    Supply Voltage 10 ... 30 VDC
    Light source laser, red
    Laser Protection Class 2, EN 60825
    Geometric Resolution 1.0 mm 
    Measuring accuracy, close range 2 %
    Measuring accuracy, far range 1 %
    Reference measuring inaccuracy measuring range
    Replication error 0.5 %
    Reference replication error final value
    Measuring interval 30 ... 100 ms
    Referencing yes
    Type analogue output analogue output, current
    Type switch output transistor, push-pull
    Connection type Pin connectors
    Winding size M 12
    Material Plastics
    Number of poles 8 hrs.
    Dimensions 79 x 69  x 150 mm
    Controlling element foil- keypad
    Surrounding temperature during operation -10 ... +45 °C
    Surrounding temperature during storage -40 ... +70 °C
    Protection type IP 65
    Protection class II
    Permission CE, c UL, CDRH, UL
    Validation Standard  IEC 60947-5-2
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