The Leak Detector PosiTest Air is able to trace the lowest levels of air and water leaks. The device is used for different applications. Thus, it can be used on walls as well as in the sealing of various components. In doing so it is possible that the Leak Detector can be used in single- and two-layer membrane. Because of the different modi the Leak Detector is a manifold applicable device. It can be used in automatic mode as well as in manual mode. If the Leak Detector is used in automatic mode, the device reduces the pressure within the test chamber, after the user has appointed the decrease of pressure rate and the decrease of pressure limit. In manual modi the user is able to manually regulate the decrease of pressure. The sensor which is fixed on the device is a very precise pressure sensor. By the use of the Leak Detector rates of leaks can be reduced. Consequently the possibility exists to save follow-up costs and work efficiently. The Leak Detector can be used with battery as well as with mains operation. The sensor is surrounded by a packed test chamber which has a diameter of 40 cm. The Leak Detector is delivered with all items that are required for a measurement, so it is not necessary to buy additional accessories. After receiving the device you can immediately start taking measurements.

Leak Detector PosiTest Air

  • Measuring range differential pressure 100 ... 900 Pa
    Decrease of pressure rate 5 ... 30 Pa/Second
    Dimension test chamber Ø 40 cm
    Resolution 1 Pa
    Error of measurement ± 10 % or 10 Pa
    Power supply battery or mains operation
    Serial interface USB
    Cable length 1.5 m
    Storage temperature -30 ... +65 °C
    Operating temperature device -15 ... +50 °C
    Operating temperature test solution -30 ... +65 °C
    Dimensions case 38 cm x 48.3 cm Ø

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