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With the LED spectrometer or spectrophotometer CRM 40, important photometric factors in the field of light measurement can be determined. These include the tristimulus values of XYZ, the u´ and v´ color location coordinates according to CIE 1976, and the xy color location coordinates according to CIE 1931. Moreover, further color statistics are measured as absolute values and differences. The user can determine the dominant wavelength within the sensitivity range of the spectrophotometer, which is 360 … 780 nm, as well as the color density (Pe) and the correlated color temperature (CCT) in Kelvin. 


Also, the spectrophotometer can measure the illuminance in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fcd) as well as the light flux in lumens (lm) and show the color location in the RGB color space. Due to the ergonomic single-handed operation, the large display, memory, data interface and software, measurements with the spectrophotometer can be carried out quickly and the results are reproducible. The test results can be recorded by means of the software. Its specifications make the spectrophotometer perfectly suitable to classify and optimize lighting installations and conditions in various fields of application.

- Measurement of colour temperature
- Lux measurement up to 150 kLux
- Representation of Tristimulus and RGB
- Ideal for LEDs
- SD memory
- Colour LCD

LED Spectrometer CRM 40

  • Measurement functions Tristimulus values: XYZ 
    Chromaticity: Ev xy, Ev u'v'
    Correlated colour temperature: Tc 
    Colour difference: Δ (XYZ), Δ (Evxy ), Δ (Evuv ), ΔE v ΔTc Δuv
    Chromaticity coordinates: ICE1931 (x, y), ICE1976 (u, v) 
    Dominant wavelength: λd 
    Colour fastness: Pe 
    Luminous flux: Φ, RGB parameter, colour chart, maximum recording and indicator
    Measuring range 0.1 ... 150,000 lx
    0.01 ... 15000 fcd
    Ev: 5 lx / 0.5 fcd or above in four automatically selected ranges (lx or fcd is switchable)
    Spectral range 360 ... 780 nm
    Relative spectral sensitivity Based on CIE standard X (λ), y (λ), and Z (λ), deviation within 6% (f1 ') of CIE spectral luminous efficiency V (λ)
    Cosine correction Ev: < 3% (f2)
    Accuracy Ev : ± 5 % ± 1 digit of displayed value
    Xy: ± 0.003 lx (at 500 lx, standard A)
    Repeatability Ev : ± 0.5% + 1 digit (2σ) 
    xy: ± 0.0005 (measured at 500 lx, standard A)
    Temperature drift Ev : ± 3% ± 1 digit of the indicated value 
    xy: + -0.003
    Response time 0.5 second (for continuous measurement)
    Sensor type Silicon photocell
    Interface USB
    Slot for SD card
    Display 3.2" color LCD
    Operating conditions -10 ... 40°C / 14 ... 10°F <85% RH
    Storage conditions -20 ... 40°C / -4 ... 104°F <85% RH
    Power supply 2200-mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Battery life Min. 12 hours
    Dimensions 210 x 80 x 35 mm / 8.2 x 3.1 x 1.37 in
    Weight 300 g / < 1 lb including battery
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