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LPT-A Analog Transmitter


The LPT-A is a full featured, single sensor, analog transmitter available with a wide range of sensors and sensor types including electrochemical toxic, solid state refrigerants and catalytic combustibles. Operating as an analog transmitter or a stand-alone fixed system, the LPT-A offers 3-wire VDC or 4-wire VAC power, jumper selectable 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 VDC analog output, one dry contact relay, thermal resetting fuses, temperature compensation, back lit LCD display and audible alarm, all in a RoHS compliant package.

It comes standard with a water / dust tight, corrosion resistant ABS /polycarbonate enclosure with a hinged, secured door. With the optional splash guard installed, the enclosure is IP54 rated and ideal for use in water spray or wash down applications.

Automated calibration and other maintenance procedures are simple and easily performed in the field. For parking garage applications, our proprietary Calibration Extending Firmware (CEF) takes into account the aging of the sensor so that less frequent calibrations are required. For use in non-hazardous, non-explosion rated commercial and light industrial applications.

LPT-A Analog Transmitter

  • Target Gas


    Electrochemical Sensors (internal)

    Ammonia (NH3), Carbon monoxide, Chlorine (Cl2), Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), Ethylene (C2H4), Ethylene oxide (C2H4O), Fluorine (F2), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Hydrogen (H2), Hydrogen chloride (HCl), Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen fluoride (HF), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Nitric oxide (NO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Oxygen (O2), Ozone (O3), Phosphine (PH3), Silane (SiH4), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), TVOCs (Isobutylene)

    Solid State Sensors (internal)

    Refrigerants R22, R134A, R402A, R404A, R407C, R410A, R422D, R438A, R438A, R507A

    Catalytic Sensors (internal or remote)

    Hydrogen (H2), Methane (CH4), Propane (C3H8)

    PID Sensors (remote)


    Infrared Sensors (remote)

    Propane (C3H8)




    ABS / Polycarbonate, corrosion resistant


    Copper coated interior to reduce RF interference


    IP54 rated with splash guard installed


    363 g / 0.8 lbs


    127 x 127 x 53 mm / 5.0 x 5.0 x 2.1 inches

    User Interface



    Graphic LCD, grey border


    Magnetic switches to initiate calibration without opening the enclosure




    Linear 4 - 20 mA analog

    Maximum 216 Ω load (wiring plus termination resistor) @ 12 VDC

    Maximum 316 Ω load (wiring plus termination resistor) @ 12 VAC


    Voltage 0 - 10 volt


    Minimum 1k ohm load


    1 SPDT dry contact, rated 30 Volts, 2 Amps max

    Audible Alarm

    Standard internal buzzer



    Power Requirement

    3-wire mode: 16-30 VDC, 3 W, Class 2


    4-wire mode: 12-27 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 VA, Class 2

    Current Draw

    125 mA @ 24VDC (max)


    VDC (or ground referenced AC): 3-conductor 18 AWG stranded, shielded


    VAC: 4-conductor 18 AWG stranded, shielded


    Thermal, resetting

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