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LS155 color haze meter adopts full spectrum LED light source and spectral sensor design, which is used for the measurement of haze, transmittance and color of various transparent and semi-transparent materials such as plastic, glass and films, and it can also display the spectral transmittance curve. The instrument is equipped with 7-inch color screen and capacitive touch screen, which is easy to operate. LS155 adopts an open measurement area and has two measurement states: horizontal and vertical, and can detect liquids and large-size materials. LS155 color haze meter also adopts a dual-aperture design of 14mm and 5mm, which can also measure small-sized materials. The instrument is equipped with PC software to support data export and report printing.



  1. Supports both ASTM and ISO standards
  2. Equipped with 7-inch color screen, easy to use
  3. Dual aperture design, small-sized materials can also be measured
  4. Good repeatability and can pass the test of the National Institute of Metrology

LS155 Color Haze Meter | 霧度計

  • Illumination geometry D/0°
    Illumination light source Full spectrum LED light source
    Spectral Range 400-700nm
    Spectral Interval 10nm
    Measuring aperture 5mm/14mm
    Measurement conditions Light source D65, field of view 10°; Light source A, field of view 2°; Light source C, field of view 2°
    Measuring time About 3s
    Measuring parameter Haze, Transmittance, CIE Lab, LCh, Yxy, Spectral transmittance
    Transmittance resolution 0.01%
    Transmittance accuracy Better than ±1%
    Transmittance repeatability ≤0.03
    Haze resolution 0.01%
    Haze accuracy Better than ±2%
    Haze repeatability ≤0.03
    Color repeatability Standard deviation ΔE*ab is within 0.03 (Measurement condition: the average value of 30 measurements on the whiteboard at an interval of 3s after calibration)
    Power supply 100~277V 0.4A 50/60HZ
    Display 7-inch 1024*600 dot matrix IPS color screen
    Language Simplified Chinese, English
    Data transmission USB (Type-C)
    Operating temperature range 0-45℃,0-85%RH (no condensation)
    Storage temperature range 25-55℃,0-85%RH (no condensation)
    Dimension 211mm×264mm×360mm(LWH)
    Weight 5300g
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