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LS310 water quality tester is a special instrument for testing the water quality of drinking water, using UV absorbance method to measure the COD, TOC and UV275 water quality parameters of drinking water, by measuring the conductivity between the electrodes to obtain the TDS and conductivity of drinking water. The instrument can measure 6 water quality indicators at the same time, and judge the water quality all-round. LS310 water quality tester is mainly used for testing tap water, purified water and groundwater and other drinking water.


Feature :

  1. No reagent, measure 6 water quality indicators
  2. Intelligent scoring to determine the different levels of water quality
  3. Pen type design, easy to carry
  4. With ambient temperature compensation, stable value

LS310 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Tester | 水質測試儀

  • Measurement parameters COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)
    TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
    UV275 (Ultraviolet Absorption Value)
    TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
    Electrical conductivity


    Measurement Range COD(0-100mg/L),
    Electrical conductivity(0-4000us/cm),
  • Resolution COD(0.01mg/L), TOC(0.01mg/L), UV275(0.001au/cm), TDS(1ppm), Conductivity(1us/cm), Temperature(0.1℃)
    Accuracy COD: 0-5mg/L:±0.5mg/L; 5-100mg/L:±10%H,H is the standard value
    TOC: 0-5mg/L: ±0.5mg/L; 5-100mg/L: ±10%H, H is the standard value
    UV275: 0-0.1au/cm: ±0.01au/cm; 0.1-1.0au/cm: ±10%H, H is the standard value
    TDS: 0-100ppm: ±5ppm; 100-2000ppm: ±5%H, H is the standard value
    Electrical conductivity: 0-200us/cm: ±10us/cm; 200-4000us/cm: ±5%H, H is the standard value
    Temperature: ±2℃
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