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The L 100 is a high-accuracy lux meter that measures the intensity of both natural and artificial light rays. The L 100 lux meter or light meter also functions as a luminance meter (with optional accessory) to measure overlay and remote light density.

The L 100 lux meter or light meter comes with a graphic display that allows you to view different measurement values at the same time. With the light meter display, you will see measurement values, current measurements and statistics formed by max, min and average values as well as the relation between max, min and average values. It is possible to display the percentage by introducing a reference value in the light meter to make the measurement analysis easier. The light meter offers 5 measurement types: single measurement, single measurement in %, continuous measurement, continuous measurement in %, and integrating measurement (measurement of the field of view illumination).

Lux Meter L 100

  • Classification: A (CIE)
    Measuring ranges:
    0.001 lx ... 30 lx
    0.1 lx ... 3000 lx
    10 lx ... 300 klx
    Total error: ≤ 2.5% ± 1 LSB 
    Linearity error: <1%
    Effect of temperature: Max. ± 0.07 / ° C
    Spectral matching ƒ 1 ≤ 2% (CIE)
    Cosine adaptation ƒ2 ≤ 1.5% (CIE)
    Units of measurement: Lx / klx /%
    Measuring rate: 1 Hz / 1 measurement per second
    Silicon photodiode
    Spectral V (λ) (CIE)
    Dimensions: Ø 44 x 25.5 mm
    1.5 m cable (plug)
    Display: Graphic LCD, 128 x 64 pixels
    Memory: 512 presets internal (measured value incl. statistics and comment)
    Storage: Manually or automatically
    Interface: RS-232
    Software: PC/Windows compatible
    Power supply: 9 V battery, approx. 20 hours of continuous use at full charge
    Operating conditions: 0 ... +40 ° C / ≤ 80% RH

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