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GMH 3830
Resistive material tester

The GMH 3830 offers decisive advantages in handling, usability, functionality and accuracy. The absolute moisture of 494 materials is displayed directly and can be automatically converted to the water content. The awkward use of conversion tables belongs to the past. For each humidity value displayed, you still get a humidity evaluation (wet / damp / dry) informing you of the status of the material being measured. Of course, the existing wood groups A, B, C and D of the previous model will continue to be supported.

Generic. applications:
Precision measurements of sawn timber, chipboard, veneers, sawdust, wood wool, flax, straw, hay, concrete, brick, screed, plaster, lime mortar, cement mortar, paper, cardboard, textiles, wood chips, etc.

Architects, appraisers, home builders, painters, carpenters, parquet layers, tilers, wood processing companies, technical wood drying, contractors, water damage restoration, textile industry, etc.

Material Tester GMH 3830

  • Measuring principle:
    Humidity: Resistive material moisture measurement according to DIN EN 13183-2:2002
    Temperature: external: Thermoelement, NiCr-Ni (Type K)
    internal: NTC
    Sensor connection:
    Humidity: BNC
    Temperature: free of thermal voltage NiCr-Ni-socket
    Characteristics: 494 Material characteristics
    Measuring range:
    Humidity: 0.0 ... 100.0% material moisture
    (depending on characteristic curve)
    Temperature: -40.0 ... +200.0°C (-40.0 ... +392.0°F)
    Resolution: 0.1% or 0.1°C (0.1°F)
    Device accuracy: ±1 Digit (at nominal temperature)
    Wood: ±0.2% material moisture
    Deviation from the characteristic curve in the range 6 ... 30%
    Building: ±0.2% material moisture
    Deviation from the characteristic
    Temperature (external): ± 0.5% of reading ± 0.3 ° C
    Power Supply: 9-V-battery
    additional dc connector for external 10.5V-12V DC power supply
    Mass / Weight: 142 x 71 x 26 mm, 155g
    Features: Hold
    Auto-Hold (Autom. Freezing of a stable reading)
    Low battery indicator
    Sort (up to 8 favorite choice of material)
    Auto Power Off
    Delivery: Device, user manual, battery
    Suitable probes e.g. GHE 91, GSE 91, GSP 91, GSF 38
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