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Mechanics Stethoscope S 42
Machine stethoscope to listen to bearings and motors /
two measuring tips of different lengths / 32 sound levels /
noise-suppressing headphones included in delivery /

The mechanics stethoscope S 42 is designed for listening to individual machine parts, which enables you to carry out maintenance and repair work using the machine stethoscope. The use of a machine stethoscope thus makes it easier to listen to sound phenomena in bearings and motors. This makes it possible to amplify noises that imply that the machine is slightly damaged, which can cause severe impairments and damage to the machine if not observed. The machine stethoscope comes with headphones the shape of which is adapted to the human head and thus is perfectly suitable to be used in noisy environments. The big, padded earpieces have a noise-suppressing effect and at the same time offer wearing comfort. 
The machine stethoscope is most frequently used to amplify knocking and grinding noises. When these noises occur, it is urgently necessary to maintain the machine tested thoroughly and, if necessary, replace individual parts to prevent financial losses due to machine downtime.

Mechanics Stethoscope S 42

  • Frequency range 30 Hz ... 15 KHz
    Operating temperature -10 ... +40 °C
    Output volume digitally adjustable (32 levels)
    Headphones 32 Ω
    Power supply 4 x AAA battery
    Battery life 30 h
    Dimensions 220 x 35 x 35 mm
    Length sensors 70 / 280 mm
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