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With the improving exportation standard of hazardous material testing proposed by America and European Union, the hazardous materials in shoes, suitcases and other leather products and environment pollution are paid more and more attentions by the society.

Safety issues of daily consumer goods (including leather products: clothes, shoes, wallets, etc) have attached worldwide attentions far from now. Leather products may contain hazardous materials because of adding toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process, such as tanning, dyestuff or finishing agent. Meanwhile, ironware on leather products (zipper, buttons, adorns) may also contain hazardous elements which exceed the standard. Therefore, hazardous elements testing for leather products become more and more important.


Performance Advantages

  1. Bottom-lighting: convenient for testing samples with various shapes 
  2. High resolution Silicon Drift Detector(SDD), providing precise testing
  3. New generational high-voltage supply and big power (100W) X-ray light tube, greatly improving stability and testing efficiency
  4. Precise manual movable platform: convenient for locating testing position
  5. Collimator & Filter: automatic switch


Metal Analyzer EDX-B

  • Measurement principle:

    EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence)

    Applicable sample type:

    Solid, liquid, powder

    Measurement range:

    S to U

    Analytical range :

    ppm to 99.99%




    0.1% (content≥96%)



    Weight :


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