PMI 1 Moisture Meter
For nondestructive measurement of the moisture content of concrete, cement, gypsum, wood, plaster, mortar and more


建築材料濕度計,直接簡單的操控方式,感應器透過接觸就能測量出濕度,磚牆、石屎、天花或牆紙都可以利用PMI 1測量,快速找出漏水源頭。


PMI 1 is a nondestructive moisture meter or dampness tester that measures the moisture content of concrete and other construction and building materials. Ideal for use with floors, ceilings and walls, this electronic moisture analyzer enables fast, reliable, noninvasive moisture measurement without damaging the surface.


# 漏水濕度計  # 石屎濕度計  # 地板濕度計 # 接觸式濕度計 

# concrete moisture meter hong kong

Moisture Meter for Building Materials PMI 1 |建築材料濕度計

  • Technical specifications
    Measuring range 0 ... 100
    Resolution 1 digit
    Penetration depth 20 ... 40 mm / 0.78 ... 1.57 inches
    Measuring principle Capacitive (electrical resistance)
    Sensor type Metal spheroid
    Display LCD screen
    Battery 1 x 9 V Battery
    Dimensions 180 x 45 x 35 mm 
    7.1 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches
    Weight 180 g / 0.40 lb

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