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The PCE-123 Process calibrator / nominal value indicator is a device that does need a mains connector and that is used to simulate regulation signals or units en the MSR technique with which it can test and calibrate almost any unit parameter and measuring instrument. The nominal value indicator provides an electrical output signal (mA, mV, V and frequency in Hz as well as temperature in °C or °F). The Process calibrator other automatic graduated functions, and selection of output signal jumps by percentage (0 to 100%) via the up/down keys and direct display of the output value. The device is easy to use and is operated via the keypad. THis device is attractive due to its high level of accuracy and its universal range of applications which no electrician or MSR department should go without, as well as within the industrial sector.
This device we have on offer is a high quality alternative to those which are normally found on the market.

Multifunction Calibrator 123

  • Range 4 to 20mA / 0 to 20mA / 0 to 24mA
    Resolution 1µA
    Accuracy ±0.025% ±3µA
    Alert beeps when there is a short circuit or ouput current >1mA .
    mV current, V DC
    (power 1mA)
    Ranges 0 to 100.00 mV
    0 to 10.000 V
    0 to 1.0000 V
    Resolution 10 µV
    1 mV
    1.0000 V
    Accuracy ± 0.05% ±30 µV
    ± 0.05% ±3 mV
    ± 0.05% ±300 µV
    Alert beeps when there is a short circuit or ouput current >10mV.
    Temperature sensor thermocouple type-K, J, E, T 
    (1 kΩ min.)
    Ranges K: -200 to 0°C and 0 to 1370°C 
    J:  -100 to 0°C and 0 to 760°C
    E: -10to 0°C and 0 to 700°C
    T:  -200 to 0°C and T: 0 to 400°C
    Resolution 1°C (across entire range)
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