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For rapid fine crushing of soft, hard, brittle and fibrous material to end fineness <1um. It can not only perform mixing and grinding, but also meet the requirements of colloid grinding. In addition, its giant energy input can meet the technical requirements of preparing alloy with mechanical methods.


Work Principle

When the planetary ball mill starts, the motor drives the common sun wheel to move, while the grinding jars, which are located on the sun wheel, turning around its own axis. The direction of the movement of the sun wheel is opposite to that of the grinding jars in the ration 1:-2.The grinding balls in the grinding jars are subjected to superimposed rational movement, the so-called Coriolis forces. Under this interaction, the grinding balls release high dynamic energies. The samples are constantly impacted by the grinding balls, and rapid crushed by the friction of the grinding jar’s inner wall at the same time.

    Planetary Ball Mill BM40

    • Package Size:


      Instrument Size:


      Gross Weight:


      Net Weight:


      Feed Size:

      less than10mm

      Final Fineness :

      approx. 0.1µm(0.1µm for colloidal grinding)

      Grinding Platform:


      Grinding Time Setting :

      Hour:0~99, minute:0~59

      Speed Ratio:


      Sun Wheel Speed :

      30~400 rpm

      Effective Sun Wheel :

      diameter 360mm

      Grinding jar volume ption:


      Power Supply:


      Nominal Rating :


      Package Size:


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