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Radiation Meter Gamma-Easy for gamma radiation / adjustable alarm limits / acoustic decay indicator /easy handling / slimmed down version of the Gamma-Scout Radiation Meter

The Radiation Meter Gamma-Easy clearly indicates the radioactive contamination in µSv/h und mSv/h immediately. The Radioactivity Meter helps you to form an opinion on the omnipresent environmental radiation of a delivered or purchased material (metal scrap, food…) within only seconds in order to decide about the condition of these goods. Therefore, the Radiation Meter helps to eliminate uncertainty, fear or worries and removes every doubt. The Radiation Meter reacts when your adjusted alarm limit is exceeded or fallen below and warns you before anything can happen. With the help of the acoustic decay indicator, the measuring result is delivered in addition to the LCD display which makes sure that there is no need of a permanent observation in case that a significant increase takes place. In order to draw a convenient conclusion at the end of a day, the Radiation Meter Gamma-Easy offers the possibility to determine an average or maximum value of the last 10 measurements. For quick average measurements, the mini-radiation meter offers an individual function which calculates an average value over a certain period of time (between 30 seconds and 3 minutes) and moreover determines the dose rate over a couple of days (also with warning). In addition to that, the Radiation Meter Gamma-Easy is embedded into a 3.5 mm jack socket which enables you to listen closely to the decay indicator in order to detect minimal changes of contamination (in the delivered material) just in time. The Radioactivity Meter is the easy and affordable alternative to the Gamma-Scout-Series.

Radiation Meter Gamma-Easy

  • Technical specifications
    Dosimeter function yes
    Dosimeter time 6 ... 48 h (in 6h steps)
    Dosimeter alarm 0.1 ... 50 µSv
    Acoustic output of Decay Rate yes (via earphones)
    Average value yes, 30 ... 180 s (in 30s steps)
    yes, of last 10 values
    LCD display beams (process of measurement)
    impulse (each selected measurement)
    Standard Cs 137
    Output 3.5 mm headphone jack socket
    Display LCD
    Working temperature -10 ... +40 °C
    Power supply 9V battery
    Dimensions 180 x 86 x 45 mm
    Weight 150 g
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