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Sound Level Meter CEL-620A/2/K1
Internal memory, high-resolution TFT color display, real-time analysis of octave bands from 16Hz ... 16kHz, includes calibration certificate and acoustic calibrator

CEL-620A/2/K1 is a portable handheld sound level meter, decibel meter, sound pressure level (SPL) meter or sound level indicator that uses advanced digital technology to deliver high performance noise exposure evaluation capabilities in a compact yet robust design. The meter features a high-resolution color TFT display and allows for the analysis of octave bands in real time.

This CEL-620 series sound level meter measures average noise levels as well as peak levels, making the device the ideal solution for monitoring noise exposure in the workplace. The sound level meter also measures LC and LA simultaneously using the HML method for the selection of auditory protection.

Sound Level Meter CEL-620A/2/K1

  • Total measurement range 20 to 140 dB RMS (unique range), 143 dB peak
    RMS frequency weightings Simultaneous A, C and Linear (Z)
    Peak frequency weightings Simultaneous A, C and Linear (Z)
    Weightings in time: Simultaneous Slow, Fast and Impulses
    Amplitude weightings Q3, Q4 and Q5 (Q4 applicable to only Lavg)
    Peaks From 70 to 90 dB in steps of 1 dB (applicable to only Lavg)
    Noise peak < 33 dB (A) class 2
    Stored sessions 100
    Screen 320 x 240 pixel color TFT LCD   
    Safety Keyboard lock
    Power supply 3  x AA alkaline batteries
    External power supply 9 - 14 V CC to 250 mA with connector of 2.1 mm
    Battery life 11 h with backlight
    20 h without backlight
    Tripod mounting 1/4” Whitworth socket
    Dimensions  72 x 229 x 31 mm / 2.84 x 9.02 x 1.22 inches
    Weight 295 g / 0.66 lb
    PC connection USB 2.0
    Measured parameters
    CEL-620A/2/K1 LXY, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXeq, LXpeak, Lavg, LC-LA, LXIeq, LTM3, LTM5, LAE
    CEL-620B/2/K1 LXY, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXeq, LXpeak, Lavg, LC-LA, LXIeq, LTM3, LTM5, LAE
    Octaves LXY, LXeq, LXYmax
    Where X represents the frequency weightings A, C or Z and Y represents the weightings of Fast (Fast, F), Slow (Slow, S) time or Impulse (It impels, I).
    All the available weightings are made simultaneously.
    Environmental conditions
    Storage Temperature: -20 ... +60 °C / -4 ... +140 °F
    Relative humidity: 5% ... 90% (without condensation)
    Operating Temperature: 0 ... 40 °C / 32 ... 104 °F
    Relative humidity: 5% ... 90% (without condensation)
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