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Surface Tester RT 11
Surface tester for accurate determination of roughness according to Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt / with piezoelectric probe / big OLED display with backlight


The Surface Tester RT-11 is a portable measuring instrument for determination of surface roughness according to Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt in just one device. The small roughness tester is especially designed for fast measuring of roughness. The roughness (obsolete: throatiness) is a term of surface physics that describes unevenness of surface height. The roughness tester works according to the same piezoelectric micro probe principle like the highly accurate laboratory measuring instruments. The easy handling of the roughness tester as well as the high repetitive accuracy characterizes this device. After touching the button the piezoelectric micro probe of the roughness tester scans the surface within seconds and shows digitally, according to the preselected cut-off length, either the value Ra, Rz, Rq or Rt.

Surface Testing - Roughness Tester RT 11

  • Roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
    Accuracy  ± 15 %
    Repeatability  < 12 %
    Measuring area Rz, Rt 0.1 … 50 µm
    Measuring area Ra, Rq 0.05 … 10 µm
    Cut-off length f0.25 mm, 0.8 mm, 2.5 mm
    Scanning path in total 6 mm
    Probing speed 1 mm / s
    Probe system piezoelectric probe
    Probe diamante  10 µm ± 1 µm tip radius
    Inclination angle OLED display
    Ambient temperature -20 … +40 °C
    Humidity < 90 %
    Power supply 3.7 V Li-Ion-battery
    Load-time 3 hours
    Dimension  106 x 70 x 24 mm
    Weight  200 g
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