The HT-225A durometer for concrete is easy to use and is fundamentally used in the construction industry as well as other industrial sectors. This durometer in the form of a hammer device for testing concrete is based on the Schmidt principle of measurement. Testing is always done under the same test energy of  2.207 J. The kinetic energy of the rebound is give by the device as the measurement of the hardness of concrete, of the pressure upon the surface or as the resistance to pressure (kg/cm² or its conversion to N/mm²).


The quality of concrete is useful in understanding the material's resistance to pressure, as an orientating value for testing the load capacity and durability of concrete constructions. Resisitance to pressure is represented as a series of numbers and letters, for example: B 25 indicates that the material is normal concrete with a resistance to a pressure equal to 25 N/mm². Different readings exsist up to the highest class of resistance which is indicated as B 55. With our Hardness tester you will be able to easily and accurately classify concrete. The Hardness tester comes calibrated from the manufacturer but an ISO calibration certificate can be ordered seperately at extra cost.

Surface Testing - Schmidt Hammer HT-225

  • Range of measurement 10 to 60 MPa
    Accuracy ±18 kg/cm² (~±1.8 N/mm²)
    Energy 2.207 J
    Indication of measurement 0 to 100 (without dimensions)
    Scale for the resistance to pressure at the back to convert values indicated without dimensions to kg/cm² (with introduction of angle)
    Correction table for measurements in the user's manual
    Maximum thickness of concrete (of the material) 70cm
    Dimensions diameter de 54 x 280mm
    Weight 1kg

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